The Present: The Past's Future

Step by step I lead myself
to a place that requires what was given to me by my past.
Find that rhythm kind hearted you!
I cannot lose my way!
Heal the torments from the stalking ambush of focus.
Their stories told have to fit a view.
The truth slumbers in the subliminal and rises consciously.

Conversing on boundaries
you lost what you needed for the day.
Conjure up and get past.
I am on a particular path worried and wayward
Questioning the unsaid.

Perhaps today I muddle to speak my mind.
Zaney and picked out to test my spine.
Go out and explore!
Work the courage to get denied.
Life closes one door and another one creeps wide.

The future is an illusion put forth
to bare the present.
Day to day I work to solidify an assumption.
Do not worry there is a destination
and function.

I remember what was and was not useful yesterday.
I must renovate today.
I will be ready for tomorrow.
There are three perspectives and they all relate.