The Phonetic Phoenician

Freelance Poet, studies in Etymology, Phonetics, and Linguistic Theory. 15' Brother Rice Alumni 19' CMU Alumni

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The Phoﻬnician>(Fee-OH>KNEe>Shun)>(THEE-OH-Knew-Sun)>The only Son

A fortnight Dead, [In frontier days they always planed for two days extra when hunting or leaving the fort]

Forgot> Four Got> The cry>of Gulls>Sea Gulls>Latin= Et Larum>Larum>Alarm> Fear, the frightful sound> and the Deep Sea Swell> Swale?>(a low hollow place)>whale> Monsters of the deep oceans> Whales breeching for air> And the profit> ProFee>[ Coffee> Poffee>*]>PonadbEE> “supply and Demand”> and Loss>Lous>soul> [And Soul]> and the Profit and Soul>

A current under the sea>a Current> Current (electricity)> under> undear> undead> undone>the Sea>See>A current undone by the sea>

Picked his bones in whispers.>Picked> Pick> Pi>ick>Pike>Spike> Spear> ick>ill>llik>kill*>his bones>{sorry was dancing}> bones>owns>owner>ownder>Wonder>oneness>one>in Whisper> [Picked up his bones with one whisper of a kiss]>

As>Az>he Rose>Rise>Rize>Ryze>Risen>is Risen>and Fell>Fall>Hall>Hell>hell>Hello>Hello World:D>

He>Fe>Silver>Passed>the Stage>the St-age>State-age>of his Age>Aga>Agai>Again>Agni>into Youth>You-eth>You>ye>The(>his)>

Entering>Enter ring>Enter a ring> Enter into a ring>Wedding ring>Marriage>the Whirlpool>Whirled Pool>Pole>bole>dole>Dole>Doll>Dame>Dime>[He entered into a Marriage that sent him on a Whirlwind of life with the Dime of his Life]> Gentile>Genital>Genitalia>Gen Italian>Ancient Italian>Iberian>Mauretania> Malayian>Malain>A Mali>Merchant>{that was a weird time in Africa}>When Europe started Colonizing Africa>or Jew>Hebrew>Yahweh>I am>

O You>Oh you>Ohana>who turn>return>ree run>Rerun>Return>{Palindromes?}>nurture>nurturn?>nature>natural>{amagram}?>and Look>kool>cool>cold>to winward>into the wind,

Consider> Consure>confirm>Phlebas>Pheonecians>who>”to know?>”>knew>Once> Etymologian civilization> and {“were in”} the north and east>

Poem Free verse:

Pilip the Pheonecian.

The Phoenician,

His only son, to a Merchant Father, Of no Mother who knew no sons or daughters.

Forgot the frightful full breath of gulls in the air, and the deep blue eyes of a whale at Sea,

Deep whales bursting forth, the sea, the thrill of the hunt, Men shouting cheers of glee

Turn sorrowfully towards cries solemn in a war filled in upto the shores by the sea.

Did he not realize that his soul was merely more for Soul and Profet-etic(Poetic) Prophetic Profits for Historians to see?


Undone by the Sea she killed him merely but in one word and of whisper> “I shall make you taste of Strawberi”

As he is written his risen once more

“Hello! Good morrow Good day and Good youth”

“I so solemnly swear do enter into this compact, This boundless bond passed down from generation to generation.

 honor bound by the high bound banded bailout.

bond to bounties told of eons ago”

For the price of my life

The Malinkᾦ King did not play to earn for a Diamond on his Wrist

Oh Ohana means family, but Return Palindrome Poems and Erotic Anagrams

“As closed eyes turn faced, my nose is greeted by the sea. Cold and crisp the Spring blue air

Breezes so frozen the hairs on my sleeves are cold-end....”

Who is he to say of Philp the Pious? Who is he to know?

But they came from etymologies blood.

But they came of Malian blood this much I know.