The Past Is Dead

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I knew I fell for you
When I began to like the color pink.
I wanted it around me, on me
As much as I wanted you.

I knew I fell for you
When scars began to fade.
Memories left by box cutters,
Paper cuts, and cigarettes
Hurt no more than a scratch.

I knew I fell for you
When I lost my need for words
To fill the melancholy, the wanton–
All that was poured into a chalice,

I knew I fell for you
When the future glowed bright again,
Nothing seemed so sweet
As success by your side.

I knew I fell for you
My heart says it's so
I care not for the past
A year or long ago.
It wasn't easy to say
For I held these things tight
But with you in my arms
Everything's finally all right.

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