The Lifeline

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I'm a freshman Journalism student and I love to write poetry. It's fun to be able to create such elegant pieces from a bunch of jumbled thoughts in your head. Plus rhyming is cool :)  [+]

The pain drenches every part of her body
So wet and heavy, she can barely keep her head above the waves
Falling, she is falling,
Drowning in her own helplessness.
Powerless against the Villain before her,
He wrestles her beneath the waves
Holding her captive while she struggles to escape.
Sinking, just like a forgotten boat, into the ocean
The weight of her failure drags her further and further until
The water turns into air
Rushing, she is thrust out of the sea with such force
A hero, a miracle, God himself saved her
Her savior refuses to let her drown, to let the Villain consume her
A woman in distress, she is the climax in a story, the prize at the end of a race
She is alive
And with the last bit of strength she clings, she claws, at her Superman
For he is her lifeline

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