The Beauty that I Do Not Fully Understand

You are the beauty that I do not fully understand.
Your beauty is the cinnamon to my apple sauce.
I can see it within your hair. I can smell and taste it in the oven on Sundays after church.
I can hear it when you speak. I can feel it when you hug me.

Although you are big, you can also be small.
Although you are tall, you can also be short.
Although I desire to know you, I do not fully understand you.
For at times, you can be complex.
When I say yes, you say no.
When I say maybe, you say never.
I see your beauty through my eyes, which represents my limitation.
Your beauty is more than my eyes.
Your beauty is more than your appearance.
Your beauty is more than your personality; it’s a reality.

It represents the inner quality of your existence.
Your beauty has been with you since you were born.
It is a part of your biology.
It even represents your sociology.
It separates you from me and vice versa.
However, I am still motivated to understand your beauty.
Will you please teach me?
Teach me with your mind and inspire me with your heart.
Comfort me with your words and I will love you.
When you speak, it encourages me.
When I speak to you, I must speak astutely.
I know I fell from your grace many times, but will you forgive me?
Will you please consider me?

I know I don’t fully understand you, but please don’t hold that against me eternally.
I know I have judged you and I know that I have hurt you, but please have mercy on me. Let your mercy be like the rainbow in the sky filled with different colors which reveals your radiant beauty.
It amazes me to see you in action.
When I think less of myself, you still recognize my potential.
When I become defensive, you remind me that you are just being honest.
Although it is hard to hear because I expect more from myself, I know you are right. Thank you for being the person you are.

Our society needs you.
You are the missing link.
You represent the community.
You represent the family.
You represent empowerment.
I know you have been ignored in the past, but please continue to speak.
Continue to be heard and understood.
Continue to demand equality.
Continue to fight for your rights.
Continue to be a hero for you to inspire others.

Thank you for your sympathy and empathy.
In spite of me, you still desire to understand me.
Not only must I thank you, but I must also say that I am sorry.
I’m sorry for the times when I underestimated you.
You were beautiful and I did not acknowledge it.

You are beautiful, but my view is still limited.
My limitation is apart of my ignorance.
To change, I must be open to change. I must be open to a new perspective.
I must be open to a new level of understanding.
Please give me your tears beautiful.
You are vivid like the candlelight
I want to shine like the stars in the sky.

Give me your pain, so I can soothe you.
Sorry for hurting you beautiful, but please understand that I do not fully understand you.
I know it’s not good enough, but it’s a start.
I feel that I must man up to my mistakes or else you will not respect me.
Your respect is one of my highest priorities.
Your emotions are not your weakness it just represents an aspect of your beauty.

What changes do you want me to make?
I am willing to change for you, but please be patient.
I have been honest with my words and have given you my heart.
The time of dedication and commitment is here.

You are beautiful and I aim to show you that through my actions.
Because you are beautiful, my thoughts must be pure.
Because you are beautiful, my faith must be strong.
Because you are beautiful, I must be the best man I can be.
Because you are beautiful, I choose to cry with you.

I know I don’t always express my emotions verbally, but I am working on that.
The person I wanted to be in the past, I am becoming today.
The regrets that I have from the past are diminishing.
The confidence that I wanted to have, I am reaching.
The time of innovation is here.

I choose to look at you differently today.
I choose to acknowledge your beauty today.
Your beauty makes you eclectic for it comes from a variety of sources.
To sum it up, your beauty is everything about you.
Your head, your eyes, your heart, and even your soul.
You are loved because you love hard.
You are determined and committed.
I thought I was done, but I must continue because I don’t fully understand you still.

Every day you go down death door to bring forth life.
Thank you for life; without you, I would not know life.
Life is the priceless gift not promise to everyone, so I thank you for that.
I know that you made many mistakes, but as a man, I still appreciate you
You have encouraged me; please let me help encourage you.
I desire to uplift your spirit.
I desire to be genuine.
I desire to tell you the truth.
I know that I have used many words to express myself to you beautiful, but it is necessary.
It is necessary because you are worth it.
It is necessary because you deserve it.
You are favorable and honorable.
You share and you care. You love and you give.
Whoops, I have run out of words because you are the beauty that I do not fully understand.