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Image of Summer 2020

I hear blood
families crying over a loved one’s
slain body in the street
The sirens are distant
but close enough to see
the strobing red, intimidating blue

I hear recognition
the colors wane as They realize
that They’re rounding into
the Negro neighborhood

I hear tomorrow’s headline
“Black on Black Violence
(so why riot about police brutality?)”
but that’s only if this life
is deemed newsworthy

I hear acceptance
feet shuffle from the scene
though I have some life left in me


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Image of Felix Culpa
Felix Culpa · ago
My five votes for you Shade, and I subscribe to your profile !
Image of Keith Simmonds
Keith Simmonds · ago
My support for this great piece, Shade! Good luck!
Image of Tony Martello
Tony Martello · ago
Shade, my full support- for the finals! Check out my entries, "Maize of Color" and "Green Springs" that made it to the finals as well. Tony
Image of Tony Martello
Tony Martello · ago
Powerful poem. 5-votes-my full support. Check out my entry, "Maize of Color" in the short fiction category and vote if you like it :)
Image of Shade Ayeni
Shade Ayeni · ago
Thank you & will do!