So much more…

I have nothing
left to lose
when it comes
to you. You
not only
this bond,
went above
and beyond yourself
to prove to me
that you
are right, that you
are better
and that the one who needs
to learn a lesson
is always
I don’t really have
much more to offer
or do I want to
keep giving and
giving and
it’s exhausting to
never fulfill
no matter
how much
or how often I do everything
There is nothing wrong
with me,
there is something
terribly wrong
with you.
The only one who will lose
when this is all done
is yourself.
will lose your
power, your
control and your
purpose. You will lose
every hour, every touch,
every comfort, every hug,
every secret, every advice,
every step of the path
that you
will no longer
be part of.
I will lose the oppression
my heart lives under
every day;
and I will remember
the countless amount of hours
spent waiting for you
to realize,
that what we had,
what I gave you
were the answers
you will endlessly keep searching for.
You have used
and abused this land
and now
it is time for you to leave.
Get out!
If you ever dare come back,
I am me, and you
have no say
in what that means.