Sickeningly Sweet

12:43 pm, a simmering August afternoon
Another perfect day, on your perfect block

Your foot hits the concrete And your smile grows
Deliberate steps Exponentially closer to me

Sunbathed and tousled in light
Rays imitating the halo you left inside

Breathtakingly pure
but painstakingly blind

Suburbia barely veiling my shaky breaths.
A million segues beguiling my cerebellum

Rendering my larynx unshielded
Against the impulsivity of my razor tongue

Spitting out the linguistic bile
Leaving only the numbing ache

Cruel repetition in my head
Words dancing around your silhouette.

Wasted time
Acidic tears

Scratchy throat
Frivolous pen strokes

Even the damn pages
Longing for the sweet release

To rid themselves of Any trace
Haunted by what theyʼd done to you.