Sharing a Sink with John B. Keane in a Pub Toilet

Steve Denehan lives in Kildare, Ireland with his wife Eimear and daughter Robin. He is the author of two chapbooks and three poetry collections. Winner of the Anthony Cronin Poetry Award and twice ... [+]

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I am rarely in a pub
I had never been in Kerry
but that evening I found myself
in a pub in Tralee

the smallest of talk had sent me scurrying
to a cubicle in the pub toilet
and I sat there
killing time

people came and went
while I read graffiti
in a stench
thick as soup

eventually, I steeled myself
opened the cubicle door
walked to the sink to wash my hands
when in he walked—

John B. Keane
eyes hooded, nose long, shoulders sloped
older, but the same
he stood beside me at the sink

winked at me in the mirror
reached into his suit jacket
pulled out a toothbrush
and a tube of toothpaste

started to talk in his heavy accent
a dozen words a second
brushing his teeth all the while
toothpaste foaming on his lips

I told him that I had read "Sive"
and, with his eyebrows high
he spat into the sink
and asked if I had liked it

I paused
too long
much too long
his laughter shook the cubicles
the palm of his hand landed hard on my back
and as I watched the toilet door
slowly close behind him
he was laughing still

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Image of White Lotus
 White Lotus · ago
That was a fun read! I was so carried out by the writing that it felt like I was in the pub as well!
Image of Steve Denehan
 Steve Denehan · ago
That's very kind of you to say White Lotus. I really appreciate you taking the time. :)
Image of deleted
 User deactivated · ago
I believe I am in this pub . Well done
Image of Steve Denehan
 Steve Denehan · ago
Maybe you will be yet. Thanks for reading Pierre. :)
Image of Thorsten
 Thorsten · ago
You capture the pubmosphere of an Irish dive really well - and therefore thanks for waking up my memories.
Image of Steve Denehan
 Steve Denehan · ago
Thanks a million for reading Thorsten. :)

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