Sea of Clouds

I'm off somewhere that's also home
where I once thought I'd be alone
Life brought me here, following its pace
as how it did for the people I'm seeing
I have this rare but familiar feeling
that I can only try to erase

I take a breath and hear the start
I close my eyes with a grateful heart
and I fly high up again
Taking in the view below me,
I see more blue and green before me
and hear my voice utter, "Amen"

I hug myself as I'm midair
Behind my ear, I tuck my hair
And in my seat, there I beseech
the beauty that astounds
from some miles above the ground
where naked eyes could never reach

Time descends as we ascend
As vast skies hold the moon, I comprehend
just how small I am compared
to this universe, for although
I'm so far away from below,
the heights above are undeclared

Approaching our descent,
we seem to circumvent
around deep sea of clouds
The orange slowly faded
as the bright of light deflated
and the grey of it came out

I used to see the green
on blue, cerulean thin
fluid glass below
But mist came raging in
where it had once not been
for reason I don't know

Or so I thought it was

Perhaps one thing I must
not let my mind let go
is thank the light within
that brings the colors in
where darkness ceased to grow

But thank the darkness too
to appreciate the hue
for all its steady flow
And trust, in every set,
a rise removes the fret
of every tomorrow