Home was supposed to be safe

Forever, loving, whole

Home was where hurt and pain

Were left at the door

Home was filled with joy

With memories to last a lifetime

But home isn't all it's supposed to be,

Is it?

Home is where we are weakest

At our most vulnerable

Home is where mistakes are made

Out of love, but still made

Home is where heartbreak

Shatters the soul

Home is not sunshine and rainbows

But it never promised to be

No, home promised so much more

Acceptance, forgiveness, rest,

Unconditional love

Home isn't a place that is perfect

It isn't always the best place 

For you to be

But home, no matter how many times you leave

Never locks the door, or turns off the light

Home promises that you'll always have a place to stay

Even if you've been gone for a hundred nights