Parrot in a Cage

Hi there! I like drinking bubble tea when I’m writing poetry:p

Image of Long Story Short Award - 2022
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‘You should not do this! You should not do that!'
Mommy shouted loudly at the cage,
a little pity parrot is shivering with soundless squawks.

‘You are supposed to do what I want you to do!'
Daddy pointed at it madly,
a helpless parrot is imitating the instructions.

Being locked up in a cage for so long time,
already losing its instincts to fly high,
and freedom of choosing its own path.

My wonderful dream is ruined,
my future path is controlled,
living as a tamed pet.

When will they free me from prison?
Realizing how outstanding I am,
instead of forcing me to become part of the mainstream

One day,
I will break the chains,
and grow freely.