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Image of Summer 2020

         o  n  e

our faces, our facet
many lives not placid
new wars have begun
still, underneath we are one

different colour skin
identical hues within
all under the same sun
indubitably, we are one

some come with an angle
their words a convoluted tangle
when mass deception is done
unspoken, we are one

illusion, superficiality
there's a life behind what we see
when the weary work day is done
unmasked, we are one

before monetary concern
and swarthy crosses burned
our breasts without a gun
disarmed, we are one

to conquer is division
individuality, incision
a borderless song is sung
all nation, we are one

so many that have bled
but we all surely run red
before the rat race run
in silence, we are one

black and white, woman, man
head and heart understand
new peace has begun
universally, we are one

winter 2002


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Image of Houda Belabd
Houda Belabd · ago
A poem rich in life lessons, notes and colors. I'm glad to vote for you, dear "competitor"!
Image of Leo Littles
Leo Littles · ago
Thank you, Ms. Houda! I currently reside in Augusta, GA., but this poem was written in Waukegan, IL. It was a transitionary period in my life. I wrote this, I think, because I couldn't understand (and, I still don't!) why people refuse to acknowledge that we humans, in a plethora of ways, are identical. We appear individual and different, but our perceptions contain profound illusions. Much love...<3
Image of Tony Martello
Tony Martello · ago
Leo, I hear your song! I feel connected to this message as well and will proliferate across the nation! Great cadence and meaning. Wonderful poem! My full support-5 votes. Check out my creative nonfiction entry, "Green Springs" in this contest that may resonate with you. Tony
Image of Leo Littles
Leo Littles · ago
Mr. Tony, thank you very much. Wrote this poem a long time ago, but I recently realized that it is applicable today. Appreciate your reaching out to me. Gonna check out 'Green Springs'. Be safe...<3