My Homes

Image of Long Story Short Award - 2022
Image of Poetry
I'm from the suburbs,
pristine and green.
Flora lines the front yards,
with Roses and Carnations living in harmony.
Suburbia provided me structure,
Gave me the tools to navigate society.
Yet finding the tools was like a fish tank experiencing a rupture.

I am also from an oasis,
Named after the great turkey buzzard
Fauna and Homo Sapiens come to interconnect,
based on their hatred for the city hazards.
The oasis helped me to calm myself,
make my brainwaves as smooth as the water.
Yet allowed me to hear more,
More of the thoughts that equate to grey.

Yet I would like to be an explorer,
one that desires to see the world in all its beauty
Suburbia and the Oasis may have their charm,
but their colors are fading away.
The world's colors appear brighter on the other side,
colors that will make my day.
I hope that the journey will be worth it.