My family is full of smiles and open minds; so,

happiness I will surely find:

easy talks, hugs, laughter,

rambunctious questions, small pitter-patters,

little hands, heavenly voices,

euphoric singing, empty church like noises,

hot kitchen,

butter biscuits,

lemonade, and dirty dishes.

Birds flock away in fear of small people with high hopes.

Mosquitoes come floating like blown daisy seeds in the wind.

They sneakily land their light feet against my skin.

The itching starts up and seeps somewhere within but is eased by the warm summer wind.

The screen door rattles slamming and clinking releasing cold AC through its mesh.

Black Jesus peeping outside looking picturesque.

Sunset fading behind the rolling heels.

There are no more meals.

I can feel the night coming on too still.

Big beetles in flight bang against the porch light.

Empty sky, no twinkling stars insight.

A solo cigarette burns itself to death unattended.

Windows are slammed tight.

A muted tv bids itself a goodnight.

Empty glass bottles, no longer on the top shelf, clatter on sticky, slick, and squeaky floors.

Be quiet and hear screaming angry whispers from behind closed doors.

No more!

No more!

The black holes in the walls compliment the sky with the

moonlight through the window.

Empty fridge humming.

Silent breaths and shoes stumping.

Breaking glass shrieks a loud voice.

Cast shadows sing;

"Home, at last, ever to rejoice".