Lost No Longer

Image of Short Fiction & Poetry Contest - 2019

The path I know

I’ve come to know

Memorized with

Feet not eyes


Walking down it

All around it

I look and see

Our forest through the trees


Familiar no more

Home is unsure

Of its place in my heart:

Here’s the end, not the start


Beginning to move on

I don’t want to hold on

To the thing that severed

All ties with me...clever


To keep agency outside

So as to outsmart

Oneself and break down

A social breakdown:


New friends new clubs

College Delly not pubs

The school I know

The rooms I know


Better not to yet leave
Until the end of this meet

Than to repeat failures past

And ignore time that’s passed


Whose school is this

I think it was missed –

It was missed I know

Still is home I know


Still is loved still is mine

I am doing just fine

I am loved I know

I am home I know.