Interruptions and Distractions are brothers

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Interruptions and Distractions are brothers.

The fight for equalism 

The cry for the stop of Police brutality

Quarantine became our reality

No school, virtual finale. 

Cell phones are all we know.

Interruptions and Distractions are brothers.

The city is open

"COVID-19 Is at large"


"I can't breathe! Momma help"

"He was a criminal for he was an African American."

Interruptions and Distractions are brothers.

"Police officer is shown taking a knee along with protestors"

"The Breonna Taylor act has been formed"

"There has been a new act stating excessive force may not be used during detainment"

Interruptions and Distractions are brothers. 

The term is repeated 

For our minds been defeated

The distraction and interruptions from what's been going on for decades.

My Youth. Broken yet reformed.

The American Dream can be restored

Until there is a new open door

This is not my dream.

I will not let the media distract me. 

I will not be interrupted or silenced by the uncomfortable.

For Interruptions and Distractions are brothers.

They are set up to Blind you from your reality.

They work together.

They are brothers.


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