Inside Out

1 min

Just when I think it’ll be another sleepless night
Your strength, your warmth; you hold me tight
And these demons are silenced; not another dangerous thought
You tell me that you don’t just want to love the soft, cool breeze
The leather jackets, flowers in the spring, the innocence I brought
You want to love every part of me, not just the good,
You want to love me Inside Out
Is there anyone that has touched my heart this much?
A powerful transformation from within my core
The flames of our love burn like embers
Sizzle on for years, orange, red and black
Like magnets we can separate but we’ll find our way back
Every time we say goodbye and I get on an aeroplane
This love is pure, this love is deep, this love is true
I feel your tender heart beating under my delicate palm,
I close my eyes and see your dragon soul
Before we die, I’ll cross my heart
And know to look for a red fire-breather
You are the King and I am the Queen
In our own little world built for two,
I am so blessed, fortunate and lucky to be alive
To have found such a beautiful love so young
My lover, thank you for everything and more.


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