Indepen_dance Day

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Every man 
Every countess
Every Sam                                                                                 

                    Every Dawn

Must go and fight 
its own 
In-deep-dance                                                                                                                                           Indepen_dance                                                                                                                  


he´s my baby


Hey, hey, hey 

That´s what I say

            While I´m dancing with myself

Building my own IN-Depen_danceDAY


In competition

8 votes

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Image of Monica Mastrantonio
Monica Mastrantonio · ago
thank so much for voting
Image of Ray A March
Ray A March · ago
Image of Tony Martello
Tony Martello · ago
Monica, very fun and playful! What a brilliant spirit :) Keep the light up in the world like you do. I am inspired. Check out my story, "Maize of Color" in the short fiction category of this contest and vote if you like. Cheers! Tony
Image of Monica Mastrantonio
Monica Mastrantonio · ago
Thanks Tony - indeed a jolly poem - Yes, I will