In Between

Where do I fit in ?
1- 6 leaving 1 to the side, holding
1 or 2 accountable to make a pair, but ones left at home
2’s anxiously on the black tar run
Where does one fit in ?
When availability strikes solely 6 hours out of 24.
An hour for each child, one left to clean, eat, sleep, wallow the creek
Then finally creep, slip into the sheets next to the man that made this be
Where do I fit in?
When 5 has spread one thin
A nurses aid, a carpenter destructed
Dozing off on aiding elders and building each other
mechanical work has now emulated one and two opium fiends
Self concepts spent now lost in the sea
And if a clock could respond,
This is not where one or two should be
If only both knew to skim the evens then the odds would be were they’re supposed to be completely left to imagination in between is where one fits in
self awareness comes first, second, last, while binding, a kin waits patiently by the ticking sound
Our parents have arrived to another horological design