I Can't Do This

J Hirtle writes about faith and addiction, exploring how the two intertwine seamlessly. His book, “Going Numb” tells the story of life with an addict. His poetry is a somber passage into the world ... [+]

Image of Poetry

I can’t do this today

Peering through dirty windows at citizens hiding

behind shells made of unconvincing paper

Masking unspoken fears, unshaven faces, and unrealized


As I sip on day old coffee

Listening to church bells ring meaningless summons

And politicians competing to weave the biggest lie

As the forgotten ones stand in lines separated by social space

To acquire food with borrowed money on borrowed time

From vendors looted the night before

Under the glow of burning cars, burning buildings, burning life

Streets filled with hate for brothers and sisters whose skin is

Darker, whiter, different

I can’t do this again

Sitting hour after hour

Watching, waiting


Behind broken memories

Wondering where you are

Everywhere I look

You are not there

I can’t do this