Hope and Togetherness, Blooms and Grows!

I live in Southern Missouri. I love to write! I love to read! I love being a full time care giver, and a substitute librarian!

Image of Poetry

On the block where I reside,Our community constantly ,changes and grows.
My neighbors and I,side by side,share a special togetherness,not every community knows.
In the entire county,where we live,the number of residents,is normally quite small.
There are a variety of skin tones,races, personality types and ages.
We wouldn't want it any other way.We are hospitable, and respectful.
Always, easy to see.We are,Neighbors, and Friends.We, are Family!
Where I live,we are filled with Hope, even in our darkest hours.
As we Bloom and Grow, living our life together. Just like the beautiful flowers, I see on the balcony.