Home Is Where The Squirrels Are

How do you know you're at W&M?
You see the squirrels.
A squirrel on a tree, a squirrel on the ground, a squirrel on the bricks.
What do the squirrels do?
One eats a sandwich from the trash can.
Another chases its tail while on a tree
And one more jumps from one building to another.
Why are there so many squirrels here?
"I don't know" says President Rowe.
"They've always been here" says a student.
Clearly, they are the real rule makers of the college.
"Yeah, we have the Board of Visitors. But do they have more authority than the Squirrel Assembly? I don't think so" says future lawyer John.
There are approximately 5,015 squirrels on campus and they are here to stay.