Home Body

1 min

Can you clean out your brain of depression

Like you clean out your room of dirty clothes?

Can you throw it in the wash and hang it to dry?

And by you, I mean me

I’d like to know


Can I clear out my blood for directions

Are the answers inside my bones?

Can I throw it all up and lay it all out?

North or south-

My guts know where to go


Not the same as before

Home tastes different now

Like it spilled on the floor

But I’ll eat it anyway

“Still edible after four months” rule

Isn’t that what they say?


Not the same as it was

Home tastes different now

Like I dropped it in dust

But I’ll eat it anyway

It’s better for my immunity

So they say


Not the same, this I know

Home tastes different now

Expired and gross

But I’ll eat it anyway

You can’t move out of your own body

They say


Not the same, I’ve been told

Home tastes different now

Covered in mold


Things were better

When they were worse

Age adds flavor

But it hurts

So I’ll swallow home anyway

And have a second helping if I may


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