I just want to be there,


with my arms wrapped around you as you lay on my chest

waiting for the kiss that will never come

because I know better than to play with fire

but I can’t help but gaze into the midnight sky and drown in stars and thoughts of you

and wish more than anything that I were engulfed in flames.

We can’t turn back time,

I know,

but you cross my mind and all I do is dream of that sweet,

sweet yesterday

where the smell of you filled my nose

and your singing laughter filled my soul.

I think of you and I just want to be back with you.

I want to strip away the world, piece by piece,

the forests, tree by tree,

the mountains, stone by stone,

the oceans, drop by drop,

until there’s nothing left but us,

you and me amid a sea of endless stars.

You cross my mind and I just want to be there with you

anywhere with you

with you