Hark! Who Am I?

Image of Poetry

I am a man of great wealth.

I am a being of immense passion.

I am an entity of superlative inheritance,

living life at my own digression.


I walk ten feet tall,

all those around me are afraid.

My voice thunders hard and raw,

nobody dares to stand in my way!


I do what I please.

I tread where I want.

I take my ease.

My elegance and success I flaunt!


A helmet of iron sits upon my head.

Hard plates cover my immaculate breast.

My men and me are all well fed,

as we seize the battle crest!


My black cape wraps my well muscled body ‘round,

a sharp sword hangs by my side,

behind me and beside me rivers of blood soak the ground,

unto my will America’s masses shall surely abide!


They declared it could never happen,

they taught it would not be!


none of their teachers and wise men are now clapping,

they simply can’t believe what their eyes do see!


In a slash of my mighty sword those who stand against me fall.

In a wave of my enchanted wand entire demographics fade!

The Supreme Creator’s plan he invested me to draw,

through my gilded words and my terrible swift blade.


I shall fulfill the sacred duty invested in me,

as I surge forward from east to west.

I seized all the territory from sea to shining sea,

I am victorious in the name of historical truth’s great test!


They told me I  would never succeed,

they laughed declaring I could not win!

They eyes now weep at what their minds refuse to believe,

as they tremble before the Empire Of Angels that shall never end.