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Manny Blacksher grew up in Mobile, Alabama. He went far away---to Montreal, to Dublin, to Pittsburgh . . . Now he lives and works in Mobile, Alabama. He writes, he edits, he reads a lot, and he  [+]

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“‘As far as I remember

I have not ever estranged myself from You,

            nor does my conscience prick me for it’.”


                                    Paradisio 33.91-3, Trans. J. & R. Hollander



In high school, when I was still just a kid, I thought

like one. And I didn’t think much of you, Miss Priss

—all long legs and big hair. That you refused the kiss

I risked one night earned my dire contempt. I forgot

the slight, but in my mind the thought of you grew dark.

Beguiled in foreign cities, I fell for sisters   

with your smile, your light step, your breathless palaver

laughing grace. Years later, crossing a car park


to embrace a stranger, I would hear your voice

and know. Upstairs, you’d gore me with that wild honeyed

tongue, break down my heart and raise it to rejoice.

Bed like the sun, seraphic animals would carol

Love’s noises till I couldn’t imagine when we’d

not been together in this perfect, verdant world.

In competition

1 vote

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