When all seems dark
You can't find a way out
And you're crushed and you're shattered
By unwanted doubt
When prospects look worse
Every day and the next
And all that you crave is

Remember this
Broken bones heal again
Stronger than before
You'll never see the other side
Till you open up the door.

You can't love the light unless you've known darkness
You can't enjoy sunshine unless you've seen rain
You'll never know freedom unless you've seen slavery
You'll never get better unless you've felt pain.

You can't come back till you've gone astray
You can't walk again unless you've been lame
Unless you've been lost you'll never be found
If you haven't been nameless you can't find a name.

So hopeless or nameless
Or stuck in the darkness
Or hating your life
And the future it promises
Let the pain go
Let the bitterness die
You must learn to fall
In order to fly.