Easy Answers

Cut along the dotted lines
Are words really that powerful?
I want to see how powerful I can make them.

So, I toe the line between
Uncertainty and understanding
Orbiting and circling some forgotten knowledge I used to hold
Treacherously close to breaking away and spinning off into unknown.
Soaking in words and phrases ideas religious thought and political philosophy literary arguments
Until my head is so crowded, I can't even hear the voice that heralded this manhunt
This lust for blood
And reason.

So here are my words
Here is my understanding
I beg you listen
What good can come from words no one hears.

Terrified of dissolving
Into a long forgotten exclamation, a final gasp of revelation
A silver imprint of a ghost
I must be seen I must be heard
Bite size answers delivered express for the convenience of the casual audience
Dissatisfied, disaffected
Daily dose of disassociation
And dissent
And descend.

Now listen, listen
For the air brush fingertips of risen angels
And the feathers whisper of some heaven-sent melody
It is much more frightening to dare to hope
And put trust in a brighter dawn
When one is inclined to feel the night even when it might not be present.

But lightly, lightly
Watch them land
And press the soles of their feet into solid ground
What did Peter feel when Christ's loving eyes found his
Three times after the cock crew
Dear Jesus,
What have those eyes seen
The eyes of God
And yet
You choose to look upon me,
Even when I've denied you, the dearest of my friends.
What can be done except to give my heart to you forever.

But flesh is weak
And amends are not offered nearly often enough
A heart cannot be given halfway
Please help me to give it in full.

There is too much noise in this head of mine
Too much heaviness in my thoughts
What can be done but to come back to this
A constant state of forgetfulness
And a constant need for remembrance
I am alas, human.