Dear Giantess

I am taking up the right amount of space for the first time. I am moving my parts to fit into the boxes I build. I write about gender identity, growth and new found movement.

Image of Poetry

Dear Giantess

I am as big as the sea
My hair as long as a neck
My thighs are ribbed with scars
How massive I have become

My breast swell when I raise my voice!
The rosemary blushes my chest and cheeks
Every inch of crunchy knuckle and bent elbow
Are in anticipation

I am as big as the Mansion on 41st
That fills itself

I am a giantess
Great as great can be
Potential energy all yellow
Screams from fingertips
And my toes

Tiny feet, mouths that nip at my skin
A buzzing by my ear
groins beg for my sorrow

The sun averts his eyes when I awake
Only moon and stars can dim their light
Icarus plummets for no greater light than me