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Rachel Ayers lives in Alaska, where she writes cabaret shows, daydreams, and looks at mountains a lot. She has a degree in Library and Information Science, which comes in handy at odd hours, and she  [+]

Image of Summer 2020

Dad and I drive west

three hours every Sunday

to Coldwater:


A barely-there town in the miles between

Medicine Lodge and Meade,

remnants on the Kansas plains.


Dad teaches Sunday school

and I chat with the youngest

church member,


a 78-year-old

farm wife.


Dad's sermons are all stories.

We pray for the kids

and the ill

and for rain.


"We're so blessed to have you here,"

they tell me.


They tell me honestly,

though my only specialty

is my less than thirty years.


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Image of Tony Martello
Tony Martello · ago
Bravo! I love the humor, fun read :) my full support-5 votes. Check out my fiction short story, "Maize of Color" found in the short fiction category of this contest. Feel free to vote it you like it! Tony
Image of James Ayers
James Ayers · ago
I like this poem. I can even see myself in it ...
Image of Sarah Ritchie-crowther
Sarah Ritchie-crowther · ago
Image of Janet Coryell
Janet Coryell · ago
So evocative.
Image of Sarah Buessing
Sarah Buessing · ago
Image of Micaela Ayers
Micaela Ayers · ago
Coldwater -the name must have meant something on those hot Kansas prairies.
Image of David Coryell
David Coryell · ago
It is strange how difficult days seem easy in retrospect.