Breaking News

Breaking news was the occasional headline, the momentary descent into fear

The knowledge that something was probably wrong, that much always clear

Sometimes it was just information, something to note, then go back to the show

The interruption over, not much the average citizen could do

Sometimes the chaos and tragedy were overwhelming and struck a chord

And we couldn’t just watch and do nothing; these things demanded something more

But these days breaking news isn’t new, it’s not novel or strange

It’s almost like the regular programming is interruption, and the breaking news is an average day

The faces of politicians instead of the stars of our favorite shows

Just like TV some are villains, and others heroes

These interruptions are painfully needed

Terrifying statistics and images, warnings that must be heeded

But every once in a while, the interruptions get brighter

The fear and shock gets a little bit lighter

News of a vaccine in progress

Or a new law for racial justice passed in Congress

And one day the interruptions will be mostly those of hope

We’ll have fought and won against the struggles we’ve come to know

Soon breaking news will be an occasional headline, a momentary descent into fear

An interruption that, while scary, won’t take up half a year

But if we want all that, we have to interrupt the status quo; that much is clear