blind by the color of skin

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I am a writer of poetry, music, screen plays and stand up comedy, I attended Specs Howard university where I studied television communications and radio, I also attended Madonna University where  [+]

Image of Summer 2020

To live color blind for the mind to find peace and prosperity, for society to change so the thought process want be the same, the name of god we are all the same, living in a world of peace and chaos, The malice of a careless mind to find the color of skin to be one of a kind, to fall and rise with hate, to discriminate instead to love with no segregation in a world of discrimination the power of the youth for change, the prof  for us not to remain the same, to love not to tame in this world of colorless games. For the eyes to see a destiny for love not destruction a malfunction of handed down generations of hate, to create love over the matter of skin to find peace and joy from deep down within, to stay and be blind from the color of skin.


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