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Empty streets, forgotten buildings

Haunted by the ghosts of normality

Whispering of a time



Is a dream

When hands were held, stores filled

Smiles not covered

Fear not embedded in minds

Tired minds

Terrified minds

Twisted and turned minds



Is a loud scream, it is not a whisper

Not a breath, but a roar

Something that cannot be ignored

Friendly faces turned into strangers by masks

Six feet away

An uncrossable ocean



After is a question mark

Far off

A mirage in the distance

Shimmering and waving and changing form

We know nothing will ever be the same

Yet we wish for a time




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Image of Janet Fichter
Janet Fichter · ago
A telling message for our times. Thank you!
Image of Tony Martello
Tony Martello · ago
Cienna, I love the perspective play here. You have a nice smooth voice that transitions well! I am all about re-creating the now and into the future. This poem adds perspective to my ideas. Thank you! 5-votes-my full support. Check out my entry, "Maize of Color" in the short fiction category and vote if you like it. Tony