She knows just how I feel
And how to make it all better
I can stand in the bathroom forever while she rants about love and courage
How together they can change the world
She is so mellow
Mellow like the sound of the wind ruffling against her dress
As she twists and turns she fills my skin with goosebumps
Her transparency is as refreshing as aromatherapy
She cradles me and she rocks me and she sings to me
A song especially made for me
Her voice sends me into a trance that I do not want to escape
When she speaks, I can see myself translucently watching
When I am searching for myself I follow her beauty
And when I am found I purposefully lose myself again
For each time I am lost I find a new portion of me
She guides me to the darkness of my inner spirit
Grasping all the pieces that lay buried deep
Mending my soul and revealing the light from within
Holding my hand every step of the way
Her lullaby is my compass
Her heart is my warmth
Her melanin is my influence
Her exquisiteness is my dexterity
I can feel the pain running through my bones
Even as it hurts I take more steps to get deeper
Deeper than I have ever been
As I build my self-confidence my common sense leaves me
Running through rugged doors that lead to a hundred more
Every chamber I enter feels like I am crashing through steel floors
Waterfalls of anger, defeat, destruction, sadness slamming into each
Ripping apart my will to stand still
Till I can’t take it any longer
Till I can’t feel my arm
This pain cannot be real
And yet she is still there pulling me though the vortex
A flurry of different memories
Reminiscences that I all but forgotten about
Like spirits floating above
She calms me as I feel my body drift into the ghost of memoirs
She loves me so much she holds on undoubtedly
Until finally the door with the golden words written on it “Here It Lies”
As I step closer the agony seems bearable
The sensations of desperation seem to have subsided
My mind freed from a perilous deed with the devil so I can breathe
But as I approach her song becomes faint
Her melanin becomes diluted
Her warmth turns bitter
I take a look around and she is nowhere to be found
Why did you leave me like that?
I stand face to door with the room that contains my last piece... alone
As I exhale, my breath turns to mist
My movements become stiff
I am but a hollow man frozen in the darkness
Alina, come back!