An Algonquin Woman Saves Herself

Mary R. Finnegan is a writer and nurse living in Philadelphia.

Image of Philly Storied City - 2020
Originally published in Algebra of Owls September 12, 2018

Sometimes, a fishhook
and a bit of flesh
are all you need
to save your baby
and yourself.

Take the knife,
slice off a piece of thigh,
and with that meaty part
of your own body:
Bait the hook.

the sweet taste of the fish,
the cool,
arctic flavor of this lake trout
that saves you.

Everything may be frozen,
encased in the ice
that killed your tribesmen.
Your son may grow cruel.
But for now:

You survive.
You need only
a knife, a hook,
madness enough
to sliver your own flesh.

© Short Édition - All Rights Reserved

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