America, I gave you all my faith and you have failed me.

The dream of 1776 is the nightmare of 2020,

and what happened to freedom for all?


America, where were you when the fires raged? That wasn’t fake news.

August 2019, I called and called the men in charge and pleaded to save the trees

a woman in Washington told me the Amazon isn’t our concern

and what could we do anyways?

America, if the lungs of the world die, it won’t affect just Brazil. What happened to


You need to get more swol.


September 24, 2019—you did nothing until a Swedish sixteen-year-old took charge. Now

     you let Donald Trump try to humiliate her. America, you are not a child.

America, your foreign aid is foreign torment. #worldwariii


Stand by Greta Thunberg—that girl is fire!—live up to the greatness you proclaim.

America, the planet is everyone’s concern. Get woke.

America, you cut down the cacti of national parks and laugh while Australia suffocates in

     smoke. These laws should get a negatory, Ghost Rider.


America, where is you innovation? When will you unite to start helping save the Earth?

I no longer know if I’m proud to be an American because so many of us aren’t free.

No, I’m not being extra, and this isn’t just about the international quarantine.

One dollar for French fries and $6.59 for a bowl of fruit—big yikes, America.


America, this is the fate you hand your children

you make us fat, then shame us for it.

America, your culture causes eating disorders because so few of us can achieve what

     you consider beautiful. All you do is cap—damn right I’m salty about it.


When will you be our saving grace?

When will you do what’s right?

When will you restock the toilet paper and stop letting people build forts out of it?


It’s time to choose morality over money, and stop catering to thirsty politicians.

Fuck misogyny and male privilege and being asked,

“What were you wearing?”

Lowkey (but like, really, highkey), you need to believe the survivors and stop letting

     straight white males flex on us. Should I mansplain this to you? Rapists. Are. The.

     Only. Cause. Of. Rape. Periodt.


Listen to women like Christine Blasey Ford, September 27, 2018—we aren’t just

     throwing shade. We speak the truth.

America, you elected a known rapist to the Supreme Court: Brett Kavanaugh, October 6,

     2018, and bish, don’t even get me started on the abusers in the White House.

How can I feel safe again?

You lied to me and called it justice.

#metoo and we will not be speechless.


Independence Day was litty titties, but now I need to live independent of you.

Dear America, I miss you. Please become what I believed you were. Love, a concerned

     citizen. #bringeqalityback


America, stop going off. This is a time to be serious.

America, where are your proud stars?

Were you proud when you drove Seth Walsh to suicide, September 19, 2011?

a little boy of 13

because he understood love can mean more than you want it to?

Highkey, America, let love be legal, and 134,000 children wouldn’t try to end their own

     lives every year. This is true, America. Why aren’t you shook?


Are you proud when you say we aren’t free to make our own decisions? When you

     torment those who are brave enough to say, “Enough”? When you let others make a

    mockery, call us Apache attack helicopters? Don’t misgender me—not in 2020.

You should welcome us as we emerge, not slam the closet door in our faces, and hell yes

     to the separation of church and state.


Do you understand how it feels to be



America, this makes me sick. Vomiting up salmonella KFC.

Sick as the children you keep in cages

when you sent their parents back over the border.

You’re killing them, and all anyone cares about is how their beach trips have been

     canceled. No, this won’t just go away by Easter.


You’re killing them? You’re killing us. Boomerang back to when we were immigrants,

     too. This is the real tea.

America, you have to stop. Full stop. Enough is enough.


America, let’s talk about health care. September 14, 2019, a CT scan cost me $9000. #toopoortobeanamerican

America, this is a problem.

America, if all life is precious, why do you have to be told that




#ALLLIVESMATTER America, you should know this.

You know who else has a heartbeat?

The women you won’t let choose.

The children in foster care, forgotten by the world.

The children you keep in cages. That you kill in those cages.

The blacks, the Asians, the Mexicans, the immigrants, the natives, the refugees, the ones

   who don’t have jobs because #Corona, and why is it so hard to file for unemployment?

   The “they” that’s got you shook is just like the “us” you cling to—the only difference

     is who has a laptop and can Zoom.

Get snatched. There is no reason to fear.


Everyone who is not white or rich or straight or male—legit, we all have heartbeats, too.

     All we ask is that you listen to our rising, thundering beat. This is real, not just

     quarantine blues.

America, we need you, now more than ever.

America, they say we can’t be better. Bet.

America, remember what we fought for. Remember what we died for.

America, are you proud to be you?

Let’s make love our new lewk. Let us tweet compassion. Let us live like others matter.

Let true freedom for all finally ring.