DMD Candidate at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

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My mom once said, "The rain brings Joy and Luck."
On rainy days on Earth, my thoughts on Mars--
Your grin's the Sun. My thoughts will run amok
Of you-- my Sun, my Moon, and all my Stars.

Come night, we look up toward the darkened sky;
Your voice-- composed, serene and still and shushed--
Just draws me in; so how could I say "Bye,"
To you, my Moon, who leaves me flustered, flushed?

See, we are Stars. Illuminating skies,
Our words form constellations. Darling-- Dear--
A billion miles away. It seems unwise
To say I'd give my light to stay right here.

Yet still, I'll wait-- just close, but dimmed and far,
For you-- my Sun, my Moon, and all my Stars.