A World so Quiet

A world so quiet
One could hear a pin drop
The sounds of the Earth
So loud before, now stop

They say the world was great
But we were to blame
Like all good things in life
They end up in flame

Our beautiful minds
We thought so sharp and bright
Aim only to destroy
Not to go from darkness to light

We had it all
Seas of blue, fields of green
Beasts of different sizes
Our air once so clean

But what of beasts of steel?
Beasts of power, but
Only to steal?

To fill the world with their noxious greed
To cut down trees, lands but
Never to plant one seed

When the banks run dry
Our lands stripped bare
Outsiders look at us, and wonder,
“What went wrong, just over there?”

In a world so quiet
We dare to wonder
What could have we done
To make it better?

For silence is deafening
Music plays no note
Could all this have changed
If the Earth had just one vote?