A Spiraling Freedom Fire

Set yourself on fire,
To find yourself,
To find the overwhelming comfort in Earth,
In the vessel that she selflessly provides for you.
Setting yourself on fire to then see,
Really see everything you were so positive you were lacking.

It’s about having to let go of everything you ever knew,
To release the suffocation of the war you’ve created in your head,
To plummet yourself down the rabbit hole,
And to own the humility and the trust of having no idea what’s to come,
This is freedom, this is salvation,
The raw, painful, liberating transformation of breaking free.

You hit the bottom hard and then you fly.
You ascend slowly, testing out the discomfort of suddenly seeing through a new pair of eyes,
Until you ask for more and you then find yourself ascending rapidly up into the dark sky,
Where everything in the darkness of ego seems so trivial, yet so important to listen to.
Because now, there is no turning back,
And you will never, ever be the same.

Welcome to your new life,
And welcome to your new darkness.
Your senses are consumed and overstimulated by this new light ripping your pain to shreds,
Like a full moon’s light shining and bringing focus to our darkness in the night,
Your mind, face, mouth, touch, smell, and new eyes gifting you clarity in your troubles,
Seeing all aspects of pain for what they are.

Your death is your rebirth,
And little did you know that “re-birthing” is on recycle mode at all times,
A spiraling pattern of your old life constantly coming to surface,
A spiraling pattern of communicating with your fear and doubt,
A grand, spectacle, big bang explosion of transmuting lack into love.

It’s about adapting to change,
Reworking the wires and turning on the light switch,
Allowing yourself to feel worthy and deserving of everything you are,
Allowing yourself to expand into communities that support your truth,
Allowing myself to accept that this is really not about me.

Don’t get it twisted dear ones.
Transitioning from expired realities into fresh beginnings is the hard path to take.
I have died repeatedly at the mercy of this realization.
I realize how miniscule and how fragile all of this actually is.
And I remember to serve this reminder every, single day for myself and others.

When you explode into freedom from victimization,
Change is arguably the most uncomfortable, scariest thing to pursue,
Yet, when you build yourself up, amongst countless others doing the same,
You realize you are not alone, rather you are so safe and so supported.

I am not alone in this evolving, changing journey.

It is about confessing in the agony of releasing pattern and ego,
Exposing yourself to beautiful, new energies that reflect your light,
Letting go of people and things that drain your state of being,
Remembering to listen to the fire you worked so hard to let run wild in the first place,
Perhaps, inevitably letting your fire burn out from time to time, is what allows you to see.
To see that you are too a part of the planetary ascension of healing our ancestral lessons.

Lessons that are entirely exhausted; literally screaming to be acknowledged and set free.
Re-birthing works to create new ways of perceiving the unknown in the utter freedom to come.
It is about discerning what serves you right now.
About becoming humble in this new light,
About loving and giving justice to the individual masterpiece you are creating,
And about never forgetting to thank Earth for this experience and ability to transform.

This is your spiraling, illuminating fire.
This is your transformation.
When you see it, so be it.