A revivalist' introspection

Image of Poetry
Live the boom, unruffled,
busts, in the shade.
Spiralling gold prices,
frozen pay checks,
suck it up.
Collars up!

Dark nights idle,
think up schemes,
prop up tyrants.
Bank prejudices,
at record low rates,
into a façade of strength.

Ca est la vie,
Such is our tumult!
Vested images,
towering edifices,
our future, cradled
by an imaginary past.

Watch our goose-step,
on lands well-tread.
Once lived, now barren.
Our inheritance,
like Mount Rushmore.
New tribe, newer symbols.

Shifting sands,
footing unsteady.
Leaning over the abyss,
poised, not tipping over.
Ears keyed in,
I wait for my call.