A midnight highway drive

On January fourteenth,

I seized upon a highway midnight drive

There was a high in my system

a beer in my right hand, and

Bacardi in my lap


I had a mission proceeding my mind

I wanted to get out the labyrinth this time

I needed to get out of this crippled world of

Suffering through

Blackness and



I must to go

out to the sky

out to Heaven

out to actually live

I desire to go

I need to fly

to make my way up to the


Up to  Him.


For now

I’m on the black with white lines

going 125

crashing against the green

spinning around,

seeing only black fuzzy figures


a brace I feel

a snap I hear

I feel released;

the Black in me

ascends to the White in thee

For once in my life I am free and home at last with my redeemer