A Goodbye to my Almost Lover

You were my everything
And I say that in the past tense but,
that doesn’t necessarily mean you are nothing to me now
You are something

I recall the first time I met you
Your deep brown eyes could light up a whole room with just one quick glance
I think it is easy to say that is one of the reasons I fell for you
In the past tense.

You had a zest for life
A want to take on the world
I wanted that too
And I still want that now
So I thought we were perfect for each other
So I thought

Everything was great between us
We laughed together.
Smiled together.
Dreamed together.
Everything was great between us
In the past tense.

Then everything changed in our lives.
Including you.

When I met you
You inspired me
You told me everything I could do
But eventually, you emphasized everything I couldn't do

And I believed you
In the past tense.

At first, you looked at me and told me that I was beautiful
You reminded me of that a lot
For a while
And then you changed your mind
And eventually so did I
About you

I looked at you and I thought I saw the love of my life
You included me in your idea of a future
In the past tense

It sounded like a sure plan at the time
But in reality
it was quite cloudy

Now my future is without you.
And now my future is much much brighter.

I want to thank you.
I want to thank you for breaking my heart.
For, if you never broke my heart,
I would still be falling for your deep brown eyes
And for your zest for life

I would still be under your spell.

But thanks to you I found somebody new

So I bid you a farewell.
Goodbye my almost lover

I am in love again
With myself

In the present tense.