Daniel Mark Patterson is a writer living in Niagara Falls who loves wind, rain and mountains. In another time he'd have been telling stories amidst the shadows of a campfire. "Eclipse" is in Short Circuit #04, Short Édition's quarterly review.

Image of Short Circuit - Short Circuit #04

I often cling too longingly 
during hugs, 
hold that hand one awkward 
too long. 
Sometimes I disparage myself, 
because I like to be reassured 
others care.

This world of warmth 
and friends 
is a strange 
one for me. 
It lacks the 
and cruelty 
I am used to.

There is a safety here. 
Sometimes the greatest 
gift is an absence of fear.

Unfortunately, even this 
sometimes births it.

Do you recognize the fervency 
behind my laughter? 
The mania behind my jokes?

I worry I do not belong here. 
That all those I love will realize 
I am not worthy of these 

I am Lucifer. 
Become too bold, 
striven too hard, 
must be 

I feel certain 
that this world is 
too full of beauty. 
That it's all being used up.

So I will clutch a little more fiercely, 
laugh a little more frantically, 
sing a little more feverishly, 
dance a little more frenetically 
these lunar nights.

Each morning I stuff a section 
of the sun in my belly.

Lest the Universe snatch the Love away, 
replacing it with ashes.

© Short Édition - All Rights Reserved


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