The Short Story Station (outdoor)


The Joy of Reading Outdoors

Stories bring people together both indoors and out. In 2021 Short Édition created the Short Story Station to enable our partners to offer daily bites in unexpected outdoor locations.

Imagine cities, libraries, and universities offering fiction on the fly, outdoors, so that their community can enjoy the pleasure of reading a good story on the way to work, school, or hanging out on a park bench.

Installing Short Story Stations in unexpected places outside is a tangible way to invest in community engagement projects and innovative outreach.

Discover the pleasure of creative idleness, outdoors with thought-provoking lit from Short Édition and why not stories and poetry from your local writers? Make your city a Storied City!

The essentials


Our content… and yours!

The content comes from our community publishing platform, where we regularly publish Short Circuit, our quarterly review, and The Current, a series showcasing previously published works. We also select stories and poems from our clients' communities, giving your local authors a chance to be published internationally.


Art for free!

Visitors are surprised by an unexpected and original invitation to read: literature within reach!
They can choose how long they want to read: 1, 3 or 5 minutes. Totally free.



Your logo on the backlit panel.
The paper features your logo as a signature in the footer.
Option of sending a specific message to your visitors.


Admin Portal

Real-time monitoring of each Short Story Dispenser (statistics by location, paper consumption), alerts informing managers when a roll of paper is running out.



Very little staff attention necessary



Nothing to configure. Plug it in and read!


No wifi, no wire

4G connection is simpler!



Printed on eco-friendly paper, which is certified FSC and BPA free. Recyclable.
Thanks to printing on demand, no waste, no ink, and no cartridge.



Free reading outside with family, friends or alone while lounging on a rooftop, crossing campus, or waiting at a bus station.