Previously published works aren’t old news. We want to keep them current.

Introducing our ongoing publication: The Current — making of the Dispenser a new kind of town crier, one that puts every story on the front page. One that celebrates great works by keeping their words in print. Offering what might be deja vu for some as new treasure for others.

Great writing doesn't belong up on the shelf. We're looking for submissions of poetry, flash fiction, short stories, and children's works that have been previously published in online or print reviews.

Please note that children's works must be no more than 7,000 characters (spaces included) in length, and all other submissions must be no more than 7,500 characters, spaces included.

If selected for publication, we pay an advanced payment against royalties of 25 euros for all works and, thanks to our distribution system of Short Story Dispensers, authors will continue to receive royalties on a yearly basis. Because they've earned it.

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