Short Fiction

Change of Pace

Emma Li

Twenty-nine had not been kind to Tetra, and thirty even less so. She realized by now that beneath the jokey veneer of back pain quips were warnings and cautionary tales. One careless encounter with a ... [+]

Short Fiction


Astrid Casimire

"You look like my daughter," the man on the bus says.
I turn my head politely. "Oh, thanks."
I'm unclear on whether it's a compliment, but why else would he be smiling like that? His arms are ... [+]

Short Fiction

A Dry Path

F.T. Kola

My father was a fisherman. At dawn, when the sunlight was weak and tepid, he would take the boats out to catch mackerel and sardines. At noon he would come back and rest on his bed, his back turned to ... [+]