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They called me that night.
And they told me.
I don’t like being called at night, it brings back too many bad memories,
of gloomy light, emitted by neon lamps even colder than the bodies... [+]

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No Problem!

Thimul, ago

We’d been walking for two hours and I had had my fill.
All four of us were advancing in single file and we had not stopped climbing. At the beginning I had put myself second in the line, just... [+]

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Do I have to tell him? I think I have to tell him. I tell him, I have to.

“There’s something I have to tell you: I can’t shout.”
“I beg your pardon?”
“I can’t shout.... [+]

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I watch her running. She is fast, slender, distinguished even. I love watching her running. I come to all her training sessions. Every time I do she raises her eyes to the heavens and tells me ... [+]

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“I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day. First because it’s an English invention and I hate the English. And second because recently it’s become a Halloween-style sort of thing, just a ... [+]

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“You really need to give yourself a total break, my dear. Why not try the sea spa at Trouville? It would be perfect for you. They do thalassotherapy, there’s a spa and a Michelin ... [+]

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Who knows?

BrettyG, ago

“Single girl, prepare to meet the great love of your life under the sign of water, surrounded by red, protected by the number 3 and charged with the energy of the obsidian stone.”
The ... [+]