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Snoot the Pooch was sad one day.
“I wonder why I look this way.
My nose is doggone commonplace.
It’s just so boring on my face."

“I’d feel better, I suppose,
if I could have a ... [+]

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Wendell the dog awoke to the wonderful smell of summer.

Samantha the cat stretched and yawned. She could smell it too. “This is a perfect day for...”

“...going to the beach, ... [+]

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We pull off at the side of the highway in Somewhere, Maine looking to sing to the snails. There’s a deep shoulder of gravel here, so we assume it to be a parking lot. The sky and the water and the... [+]

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On Sunday morning the air is sweet,

orange zest and poppy seeds and

flour pushed across ... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Short Fiction & Poetry Contest 2019 - Poetry