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Sunny Lancaster

Sunny Lancaster is a creative writer with a penchant for nonfiction and poetry. Her poetry has been featured in literary e-zines and scholastic publications. She has three rescue chihuahuas that were obtained through Craigslist.

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Creative Nonfiction

America The Green

We drove south on York Road, passing the large brick house that always stole my attention. I peered past my mother's arms and the steering wheel, to take another long, unblinking look. The exterio ... [+]

Winner - Jury America: color it in. Summer 2020 - Creative Nonfiction
Short Fiction

Night Hike

No flashlights. No talking.
Above the silence was a calm swish of pants ahead as the depth of darkness flowed behind. Our trek moved outward, as if no one was there; as if there wasn’t a ... [+]

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